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Simply login & use. Nothing to set up, no tricky install, just login, create and you're ready - A huge time saver!

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Use on regular HTML pages or a WordPress blog, for any browser and with all smart phones and mobile devices.

Video Based PopUps

Add any video (Including YouTube), Great for sales videos, special promotions or product demonstrations. DEMO

Graphic Based PopUps

Multiple image formats including: JPG, PNG, GIF, With Clickable Hyperlinks and option to close on click. DEMO

SWF Flash PopUps

Use any Flash Based Interactive Content including: Games, Tools, Forms, Polls & Surveys & More! DEMO

Timer Based Options

Trigger popups to open on page load, or using a set timer to open (& close) the PopUp as required. DEMO

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Sky Rocket Your Conversions

PopUp Monkey can help you increase sales conversions - A timed pop-up offering a special or time limited bonus makes a highly effective call to action - we use them to boost offer conversions...

Increase Visitor Engagement

Get more returning visitors and increase engagement. Offer A Free Download To Your Website Visitors - We use freebies to presell products and bring visitors back to our blogs & websites

Make More Affiliate Commissions

PopUp Monkey is the affiliate marketer's friend... Redirect Traffic To Your Affiliate links - Pop up an affiliate banner or image on a specific page and link it (via your affiliate link) to the vendor's site

Countdown Monkey Countdown Monkey
Made For Marketing!

Soaring Conversion Rates!

Highlight your special offers, discount coupons, add demonstrations and more.

Super Simple To Use...

Easy to use dashboard makes adding amazing, profit pulling pop ups a breeze! 

Mobile & Smartphone Users:

Uses advanced mobile browser detection system there's nothing else like it!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No: PopUp Monkey is a standalone web based app

You can simply login to your account and create popups inside your account without downloading or installing anything. Once your popup is saved you are given a code to copy and paste into your pages. Your subscription includes all future updates/upgrades and because this is a hosted service you'll never have to do any kind of updates or re-installs yourself (our goal is to ensure you never even notice them)

Yes: PopUp Monkey can be used on any kind of web page...

HTML, PHP and on WordPress blogs and we've included a series of short helpful videos to show you how (even if you've never edited a web page before you can use PopUp Monkey with ease).

Yes: PopUp Monkey is suitable for all platforms

The software will work on iPod/iPhone/iPad and android based devices along with standard web browsers. Note that most plugins and scripts on the market actually break in mobile clients, it drove us crazy so we built our own.

Yes - 99.9% of your visitors will see it

PopUp Monkey is suitable for use with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari based browsers. If you are using a browser that you built yourself from left over bits of lego we don't guarantee it'll work but it probably will :-)

VERY EASY: Ease of use has been our #1 priority during the development of the software.

There is nothing to install, just create your account and login to begin making your popups. You can preview the results as you go along and can go back and edit live popups in your dashboard (without having to re-edit the code on your page).

What Others Say...
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    "Hey Guys! Your Monkey Tools are FANTASTIC, they're really simple to use and they work EVERY single time without fail - I love 'em"

    Dave Nicholson,
  • testimonal

    "A perfect way to lift your website conversions with zero effort. Login, click and they're working on your website in less than 2 minutes - AMAZING!"

    Soren Jordansen,
  • testimonal

    "Simple, Fuss Free & super powerful. Your Monkey tools would be a bargain at 10 times the price you guys charge - Right now it feels like I'm stealing from you"

    JP Schoeffel,
  • testimonal

    "If you plan to use any sort of add-ons on your site then you'll find nothing better than Monkey tools - Made for marketers, by marketers and that counts!"

    John Thornhill,
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    "I've been blown away by the ease of use and how cool your Monkey Tools are! PopUps, Countdowns, Attention bars - Just keep making more of them"

    Stephen Luc,

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